Travelling through sunshine…

We are in shadows

Of the moving clouds

We see the sunset

A the killing skies…

We move to near future

During our summer break

Sometimes it’s easy

Sometimes it’s a dead end.

Completely drunk

Together with your nearest mates,

There are a three of them,

Some of them are besides you,

Maybe someone’s over there…

In sunny sky, in clouds of freedom.

Don’t be afraid to live,

Don’t hesitate to lose your cool,

Sometimes you need to suffer,

He keeps you there…

To start a new beginning,

Which is far more relaxing,

With lots of love and self-esteem…

With happiness and both the chill and meaning

Trust in smth…

Or don’t…

It does not matter.

We shall be in peace.

All of us…

Even… Well..

It’s time to shut my mouth and go to bed.

Thanks. Nikki.


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