I do remember…

We all have birthdays,

Mine is on a January.

I am Aquarius, I am…

Well… A man, an old…

I am in blue!

I am in black!

I am in red!

And sometimes…

I am done,

I’m cool!

Like rocks!

In cocktail!

It is called,


My friends have been,

With me for 2 amazing days…

We drank, we laughed,

I did not write!

I had a nap!

I had some beer,

Some vodka too,

I am forever thankful!

To my beloved friends,

For being cheerful!

For being full!

Of food and beverages…

Now, I have will go!

Goodnight to all!

I am with you!

Nikita, Sunday, Anton, Di.

September, afternoon.



Если небо заслонить руками,

То свет не попадет в глаза…

Если любить, то только даму,

Если любить, то лишь одну!

Гулять не надо – налево не ходи!

Если любить словами,

То можно в миг от мира…

И речи вдохновенья…

Не надо слов,

Не надо дел,

Не надо тел,

Не надо видеть…

Только своей судьбы,

Тяжелый и гнетущий…

Удел и рок, урок с укропом!

Не надо жаловаться маме,

И бабушку тревожишь более…

Нельзя!!! И стих отдать бумаге!

И рисовать свою судьбу!!!

Не стоит никого читать,

Не стоит всех гневить…

Не стоит трогать тех,

Кто знает тяжкий наш…

Людской и светский обучения удел!

Спасибо Вам, я ложусь спать!

Писать сегодня мне легко…

Good evening dear friends

Good afternoon my simple verse

Good day to all the rest

Good morning to all those

Who cannot rest…

I am about to start a talk

About a text, that is to come

To claim that I am an “old man”

To say, that everything is well and is okay!

I am recovering, I do my game

Of chess, of football, of creating sense

Of making home a forest fruit

Of making love without food…

I am in process of rename

I am in process of real gain

I see the sky, I see the clouds

I see the God and angels fly

I know the rest – I make some sense

Today, tomorrow, pick your best…

Thanks for your time and reading

And goodbye! See ya in person.

When we gather and are fine!

Nikki, 09/20/2019.

An angel

You are an Angel,

Thus, I will pray,

I will remember…

Your eyes, your brows.

Your hair,

I do pretend…

That I am NOT

In Love with you…

It is a lie,

And I believe,

That smth. sparkled,

Between us.

It was a dream,

I had to care about…

My verse, my story,

My new career goal…

For my beloved friend,

For love, that dissapeared…

Goodbye, my lover….


14 of september, 2019.

Some thoughts about career and our goals

I see our lives were made for our actions

We may decide on whether we would start a job

No matter what’s the age

No matter what’s the job is made of

You may be doing intellectual office clerking

Or may be janitor instead…

I see our purpose made of our goals

Then we decide to meet some people

We drink, we chat, we make connections

We study anything we need

Then we become a bit more educated

It doesn’t matter whether skill comes from above

Or just hard work or long and lasting education

I do know, that it is a must

To learn some history and wars, that the humanity had seen

Today we see so many problems in our fields of expertise

We know that tech and oldscool writing are to be connected

At least I like these ways…

I like top write on piece of paper

Or blanket, I don’t really care…

I also use the pc or a laptop

Because today it is the way to be

To be connected with all people, that are present

In all our majestic and beloved Earth!

I love the nature, urban and for sure all people

Not all of them, because some of them aren’t very king and good

Still, I should say, that I forgive each person

Who can admit, that he is wrong.

It’s time to end this long and painful writing

The story now is told.

I do not know whether I’m equal to all the thougths of people reading blog,

I hope you did enjoy this poem

I say, I’m sorry and God bless!

Nikita Bogacovs, 09.06.2019.