Писать сегодня мне легко…

Good evening dear friends

Good afternoon my simple verse

Good day to all the rest

Good morning to all those

Who cannot rest…

I am about to start a talk

About a text, that is to come

To claim that I am an “old man”

To say, that everything is well and is okay!

I am recovering, I do my game

Of chess, of football, of creating sense

Of making home a forest fruit

Of making love without food…

I am in process of rename

I am in process of real gain

I see the sky, I see the clouds

I see the God and angels fly

I know the rest – I make some sense

Today, tomorrow, pick your best…

Thanks for your time and reading

And goodbye! See ya in person.

When we gather and are fine!

Nikki, 09/20/2019.


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