I am a geeky person, I am a stupid man sometimes

I like to read

I like to hear

I like to heal

I do not like

To pay my f’ckn bills…

I hate to argue

I hate to make

My ladies cry

I hate to smoke

And I don’t want to die…

I do respect my life

I do respect my friends

I do respect my actions

When they are truly in my hands…

I love to write these lines

I love to hear, that they are fine

I love when people understand

I love to say, that I’m okay…

I do prefer to stay at home

I do refer to those, who make it so

That I believe in what I do

I don’t complain, I do my best

When it’s the case, I am unstopped…

To those, who care,

I say…

I love you all…

To those, who judge…

I say… I do not care…

I do complain sometimes

We all do that

I do explain my thoughts

Not many of us can

Do that…

I may accept

That I have failed

I may accept

That I’ve been wrong again…

I think, that we should understand

That we are made to be together

Sometimes, it’s possible

Sometimes, it’s not…

I have to do a lot of job

To make it happen

But things are getting better

I am forever thanking God

For being so…

For being with me…



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