Wasted life

I’ve wasted my life

Whole lot has been done

I’ve suffered from troubles

And made people cry

Today I am fighting

To live and survive

To search for forgiveness

Before passing by

We may live forever

Or may simply die

I choose the first option

Or else, I won’t try

To be a good brother

To be a good son

I feel with my body

My soul will survive.



Your dream of fresh start

Of life as a whole

It’s not gonna happen

This day or next year

But you start to whisper

To those

Who might hear

You say

I am better


And you cry

To stop all the trouble

That took you in life

You are at the bottom

Of your deepest vibes

Your mind wants to test you

Again and again

You may need some resting

You need to be calm

Bring more love together

And stop going back…