Do not forget

We are together

Then suddenly

We are alone

We are forgiving

A moment later

We judge those

Who are already gone

We try to seek

More peace and shelter

 And after we become

More isolated and undone

There is a price for being helpful

You understand a person

Only if you know

That pain and torture

Aren’t on their own

They are for killing

Bad habits of your soul

Do not pretend to be a martyr

Do not expect to have more balls

Then you already have to fight

An illness or a loss

A downslide or stupid boss

Just be yourself and make mistakes

Be happy when it does make sense

Be angry when it’s needed

Be careful with your body

Be gentle with your soul

Be grateful for what’s life has given

And don’t forget your future goals.

beauty believe believing in yourself better brother chill ego event family father forest green friendship game godmother happiness help others help yourself hope job loose no pain love love heals mate memories mental mom nature no har no harm no harm no stress no pain no gain poem prose smoke friendship some holiday son thinking tomorrow try uncle verse Огонь любовь очаг поддержка признательность

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