Good mood

Hi there, I have some kind of a mood, that makes me want to write again. Happily, I won’t manage to write a lot:) But I like these lines, they are honest. I haven’t been posting for quite a time. I just didn’t have time mostly. The main reason, for sure, was that I had some drafts that were bad. I have deleted them right away. Maybe, I didn’t have something clear and truthful to say. Now I have. Please, make some comments guys. I really need some feedback. I don’t have a lot of subscribers, I am not ready to connect this blog to facebook or twitter. I am not really sure, whether someone else apart from me needs these thoughts and “poems” written here. I am not anonymous here, but I can clearly see that my blog doesn’t really attract readers. I can’t say, that I am sad about that. I understand, that my blog is about me and for me – posts I make here happen during different periods of my struggles with mental disorder. It can be disturbing and hard to read all I have posted here. By the way, at the moment I am feeling fine and stable. For the past 2 years I didn’t have any major problems with my illness. I live a quiet life, I try to do things, that can distract me and help avoiding from falling into psychosis. I try to do my own part and enjoy my life as it is. I try to love myself. I love all those around me. Thank you, dear all!

Today I speak a bit more freely

I hear more truth that’s very healing

I know that my opinion matters

When somebody is going backwards.

Someday I’ll see this come to end

But I would surely have a friend

No matter where, no matter how

I will keep fighting till I drown.