Gang and Nile. Ганг и Нил. Neil and Noah.

We are here and there, 

We belong to nature.

We are here do be safe.

Do not ruin our future.

All creation is a myth,

All the Dogma is forever,

WE have written it by men.

That is for our children.

We believe, that every day,

Will be better, than it used to.

But the force is up.

Right from above.

Ans it’s not about star wars.

We have so many weapons,

So that we are here to decide,

Either kill all living creatures.

Or be dead as Gods great Plan.


Сказать сегодня нечего

Остались раны, как после большого града,

Когда все листья на клену опали,

Мне надоело многое – тут мне никто не скажет,

Что изобрел я свой велосипед.

Все, что хочу – имею,

Все, что имею – не хочу…

Так говорят простые люди,

И грешен – тоже так твердил…

Но жизнь сама распутает все сети,

Когда займешься делом ты своим,

Не надо ничего ни говорить, ни слушать,

Лишь стоит попросить,

У друга, у жены, у Бога,

О том, что хочешь приобресть…

Я не люблю ни алчность, ни други пороки,

Однако ж, не сужу я строго,

Тех, кого этот бес поработил…

Я всех простил, молил я Бога,

Чтобы отец и мать были в достатке,

Были смелы, отважны,

Были здоровы и прекрасны…

Простить себя не сложно,

Чужих людей вообще не стоит ничего простить…

А вот семья другое дело…

Это тяжелая работа, как на поле боя…

И убедить всех старших невозможно,

Что стоит думать о здоровье,

А не любимой выполнять каприз…

Но, если быть предельно честным,

Я лишь хочу, чтобы моя семья – болела меньше,

Чтобы была у них особая уютная квартира….

Все, хватит…

Исписал себя. Я еду на автобусе…

На море…

Do you wanna fag?

If you wan't to smoke
Peacefully with mates 
Pipe of peace
Try to heal your thoughts
And go to heaven 
Or nirvana 
You need three things
A mate, a pipe, and will to listen 
Here we are 
On sunny beach 
Or river
Smoking our fag 
Or whatever does this role
We may talk
We may stay still
We may be teaching 
Or become a friend 
To the person 
That is smoking with you
It's an old tradition 
Of a men at war 
Now, we can skip the negative
And find the positive
For us
Who are in love
Who are best friends 
Or some of them 
Who cannot stand each other
Everything may be solved
Just a talk 
And peace.


We walk

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We walk through the sunshine

We speak about love

We drink only Cola

And miss our friends

We are very honest

It helps and makes sense

We sit on a pavement

And kisses are tense

I am truly happy

I’ve found a good friend

Moreover, a lady

Who loves and who cares.

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My heart is full

I’ve had a lady

Many years ago

I’ve loved her since

But I have let her go

I still remember

Those eyes, those lips

My heart is full

And now I can assume

That she was very cool

She was exceptional

Should we meet again?

To share our stories?

To make a kiss?

To bring old friends?

To make fresh start?

It is at least a dream

At most, it may fulfill…

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Some lines

Hi there, I have some kind of a mood, that makes me want to write again. Happily, I won’t manage to write a lot:) But I like these lines, they are honest. I haven’t been posting for quite a time. I just didn’t have time mostly. The main reason, for sure, was that I had some drafts that were bad. I have deleted them right away. Maybe, I didn’t have something clear and truthful to say. Now I have. Please, make some comments guys. I really need some feedback. I don’t have a lot of subscribers, I am not ready to connect this blog to facebook or twitter. I am not really sure, whether someone else apart from me needs these thoughts and “poems” written here. I am not anonymous here, but I can clearly see that my blog doesn’t really attract readers. I can’t say, that I am sad about that. I understand, that my blog is about me and for me – posts I make here happen during different periods of my struggles with mental disorder. It can be disturbing and hard to read all I have posted here. By the way, at the moment I am feeling fine and stable. For the past 2 years I didn’t have any major problems with my illness. I live a quiet life, I try to do things, that can distract me and help avoiding from falling into psychosis. I try to do my own part and enjoy my life as it is. I try to love myself. I love all those around me. Thank you, dear all!

Today I speak a bit more freely

I hear more truth that’s very healing

I know that my opinion matters

When somebody is going backwards.

Someday I’ll see this come to end

But I would surely have a friend

No matter where, no matter how

I will keep fighting till I drown.