Il Libro del amore…

Il libro dell’amor mi annoia
E pesa come l’anima
È pieno di carezze al cuore
E modi per danzare
Mi piace quando lo leggi tu
E tu di più
Tu puoi leggermi il cielo al blu
Il libro dell’amore suona
Nasce così la musica
A volte un po’ banale, stona
A volte solo stupida
Mi piace quando la canti tu
E tu di più
Tu puoi cantarmi il cielo al blu
Il libro dell’amor mi annoia
È stato scritto tanto tempo fa
Pieno di fiori nella notte buia
Che non sappiamo cogliere
Mi piace quando li cogli tu
E tu di più
Dovresti darmi fede in più
E ma
Mi piace quello che sei tu
E tu di più
Dovresti darmi fede in più
Fedi nuziali e fede in più

I listen to this song,
I sing together with my soul.
I sing to heal, I sing to hear...
I sing to understand.

Why am I here and how...
How should I see my being?
How should tell my story.
Why am I writing verse?

What makes a person?
Man or woman?
Baby or a granny?
Why my eyes are old now?

Why are they so young?
When it's time to go to heaven?
Who is better? Who is right?
The answer for me...

I am stupid. 
Never say...
You know everything...
Greek philosophy.
Socrates, Plato.

They were right. 
And sometimes...
We may be as well.
But, we live in a different age.

Hone your skills.
Never ask for help,
If it isn't needed.
Don't be greedy.

I have sinned a lot. 
Every of us had.
Don't forget to pray.
Thanks a lot.


Ņikita Bogačovs.
Никита Богачёв.


Physical exercise.

Today I would like to be alone. 

I don’t want nobody near me. 

I do prefer a candle. 

And a sheel of paper. 

I do like poeople. 

I do like smalltalk. 

But, today,  

I have a candle… 

It is better, 

I feel safe,  

I feel silent, 

Non depressed. 

When your body, 

Is in best of shapes, 

You begin to study… 

How to train yourleft. 

Mediators working, 

Mind is clear. 

Soul is fit like hell. 

Good night, sleep well.


A little bag with mushrooms.

You will never walk alone… (LFC Anthem).

I see the pavement close to me,

I choose to stay inside of my body.

I hear a song, that makes me smile…

I know the things, that make men cry.

Today I won’t discuss our fears,

I am in here to make us feel…

Forever thankful for our lives…

For it is given only once.

You live with dads,

You live with moms.

You live with sisters and your grans.

We live inside there on our own…

We live together,

To be strong.

I live with great big family.

I have no kids, but we are free…

To love each one, who is with us…

Be it a child, or just a stranded man.

Love everybody, make a try…

You will end up in hospital.

But love those close to you,

And bring them joy and hope,

And happiness.

Forever yours.

Ņikita, Nikki, Bogačovs.



We are not lost…

This will stop.

Hatred won’t survive.

Evil is to stopped.

Good is to eternal.

Bad is eternal.

Eternity is full of power.

Today a war is at my border.

I help every single soul.

I am not Mother Theresa.

I am a wirter.

I am a man of wisdom.

Crying for salvation.

Children is my bigeest love.

They are newborn.

They are angelic.

They enter the body.

And live to die in peace.

I have faced many torubles.

But I am nor sorry, not angry.

I am alive thanks to God.

He guides me every day.

I never ask.

I newer will.

I never pray.

If I am bad.

I love my family,

Love Yours TOO!


Always yours,


Ņikita Bogačovs.




Я средь весны увидел сновиденье,

Что, я, на паперти сижу,

Я вижу сны,

Но, вижу и забвенье…

Я вижу, вижу…

И молчу.

Молчу о долгих переправах,

Которые создал Господь…

Во всем виновен.


Каюсь, грешен.

Прости Господь.

Прости за грубость,

За скитанье.

Прости меня,

Мой милый Ангел…

Моя душа ведь не могила,

Чтобы так рвать,

Ее на жилы.

Прости, и маму,

И прости меня.  


Do not be rude.

We make a kiss.

We make a slime.

We have good mood.

And we will never cry.

Tois greatThe weather’s fineIt’s nny, rainy all the time.

“You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.”

― oscar wilde

I write these lines,

To cheer me up.

I’ve never tried.

To be so sad.

I an in here, in my homeland.

It is my place.

It’s where I write.

I have true friends,

I have some mates.

I have a family.

That is my space.

I love them all,

Some I adore…

Love having fun.

And don’t be rude.

“Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.”

― Oscar Wilde

“Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.”
― Oscar Wilde

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.”
― Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest


We live in a world,

That is full of black shadows,

We speak many lies.

We do make mistakes…

We see the sunshine.

It makes us feel better…

But do not make tries,

To save it for later.

Express yourself, make love,

Do no harm. Accept gifts of God.

And never be sorry.

Just don’t make mistakes.

They will happen freely.

Take love and do love.

Have faith and be prudent.

Sea brings peace.

Descartes: I think, therefore, I am.
Camus: I rebel, therefore, we are.
African Proverb: We are, therefore, I am.

I see the sea, I see the sky.

I see the truth. I see a lie…

I see the start and bitter end.

I see, I sink in comfort.

I type these lines,

I think of loved ones.

I go outside. I’m never lonely.

I go to see, I go to be seen…

Divine scenario has stopped.

I live in peace. I have my sister.

I have my mom and dad.

I have my grannies.

I love them all with endless love.

I love you all, who reads these lines.

I think that love is neverending.

I know it is. It is a fact.

So, let us be more caring…

So, let it be as better as it can.





В моей попытке осознать,

Зачем я в теле себе нужен.

Я понял, что не надо вовсе,

Пытаться все внутри искать.

Есть мир, который так прекрасен.

Есть души, коих надо и любить, и уважать.

Есть все живое, что на свете – нам дарит новый день.

Есть и семья и дети, есть кров, работа и очаг.

Однако, всем всегда все мало,

И надо в себе таки порывы обуздать.

Любить семью, любить свой кров, своих родителей и деток…

И, главное, любить любовь.

Она, как вера и надежда,

Нам в темноте дает весь свет.