You are beautiful

It is so yummu…

When sun is in the sky,

It is so lovely…

I am so high…

I am looking at the sea

And see the universe.

I see the hearts,

Of those,

Who left us.

My granddad,

My grannies…

My loving mommy.

Is here with me.

My love is like a fountain,

It sparks.

It does remind me

The champagne.

This love is only thing.

That gives me power…

Some hope is also added.

And faith is there on the line.




Loose to reunite…

Get up and try…

Loose faith…

To get it fresh.

Without evil.




Мы придуманы для света.


We are made to be a light.

We are here to see the future.

Here we are to bring some now and on…

We belong to God.

We are made to be divine…

We are here to stop the crying…

We are here! We are here forever young.

Soul is not abandoned. Soul is always yours…

We are made to shape the future.

We will never be alone.

Loneliness is good for peaceful trying.

Being peaceful…

Being sad.

War is to be over.

We don’t know of how and when…

But it will be. That’s for sure.


Yours sincerely,




Эликсир веры.

Верение, мой эликсир.

Он держится в эзотерическом сознании,

Прости мой друг, но шатко есть и будет осознание,

Того, что Бог владеет сердцем в нас,

Тебе дерзаю я признание, что жизнь без бога проще, чем без вас,

Вот в чём отличие лобзанья,

По скрижалям молитв, что только злит,

Уже не важно исповеди тайное свиданье,

Ты знаешь, что Господь в тебе убит.

05.11.2005 Мир Тазов.


Gang and Nile. Ганг и Нил. Neil and Noah.

We are here and there, 

We belong to nature.

We are here do be safe.

Do not ruin our future.

All creation is a myth,

All the Dogma is forever,

WE have written it by men.

That is for our children.

We believe, that every day,

Will be better, than it used to.

But the force is up.

Right from above.

Ans it’s not about star wars.

We have so many weapons,

So that we are here to decide,

Either kill all living creatures.

Or be dead as Gods great Plan.