I do remember…

We all have birthdays,

Mine is on a January.

I am Aquarius, I am…

Well… A man, an old…

I am in blue!

I am in black!

I am in red!

And sometimes…

I am done,

I’m cool!

Like rocks!

In cocktail!

It is called,


My friends have been,

With me for 2 amazing days…

We drank, we laughed,

I did not write!

I had a nap!

I had some beer,

Some vodka too,

I am forever thankful!

To my beloved friends,

For being cheerful!

For being full!

Of food and beverages…

Now, I have will go!

Goodnight to all!

I am with you!

Nikita, Sunday, Anton, Di.

September, afternoon.